Today's Recipe is cream roll variety of a Sponge Cake filled with jam of your choice, The Swiss Roll.  

Serves -4.

Best Time to have?

As dessert.

How to make Swiss Roll?


  • Eggs -2
  • Jam – 8Tbsp.
  • Castor Sugar – 50g
  • Refined Wheat Flour/Maida – 50g
  • Water – 2 tsp.
  • Vanilla essence – ½ tsp.

Method :

  1. Line a swiss roll tin. Preheat oven to 215 °C.
  2. Add castor sugar to eggs in a bowl and beat over a pan of warm water with a rotary beater till the mixture is light and creamy. It should leave an impression when beater is lifted.
  3. Remove the bowl from warm water and beat it till cool.
  4. Sift the flour twice. Cut and fold the flour with a spoon into the above creamy mixture.
  5. Add teaspoon of water if mixture gets thick. Add the essence.
  6. Put the cake mixture into the lined swiss roll tin.
  7. Bake at 215 °C for 7 min
  8. Keep the buttered paper dredged with castor sugar read. Turn the cake immediately after baking into this paper and make a dent with back of the knife about 1 ½ cm from the edge on one of the shorter sides. Roll the cake along with the paper. Unroll.
  9. Remove the paper and let it cool.
  10. Apply the jam quickly and roll the sponge cake. Wrap the cake with the buttered paper and twist the paper at its ends.
  11. Chill it in refrigerator for 10 min.

Enjoy them and have a nice time!😀